2009JULTuxpan, Veracruz; El Tajin; DF

Tuxpan, from along the northern bank looking eastward.

El Tajin, a little outside of Poza Rica.

Playa Norte, not to be confused with the beach in Fort Pierce of the same name, Tuxpan's beach, a few miles east of town. Some sand is still piled up on the sidewalk from the last hurricane. The beach was lined with awesome restaurants, where you could get a snook or snapper meal for six or seven dollars.

There was a Cuban-Mexican museum across the river from Tuxpan. It was in the house that Castro lived in before he hopped on "Granma" and started a revolution.

A finished, awesome, fish meal from a Playa Norte restaurant.

A real good chicken place, right on the main strip. I'm very dissappointed that I didn't go to the place until my last day in Tuxpan, as the place was very good and always had a line. I reordered three times while there, so I think I probably ate close to an entire chicken.

After eating, I walked a ways down the sidewalk along the river and a pretty cool thing happened. A voice, in English with a strong, Spanish accent, said something like, "Hey, man, what's going on," from inside a truck, so I walk back, returned the gesture, and took a look. There was a young couple in there, it looked like enjoying a meal and a couple beers (hey, this is not America???). We got talking and I told them that I was from Florida, USA, and I was working on a power plant in the area a little south. They said that they had lived in Chicago for a while and liked it immensely. He worked at I think a petroleum company and a country club (a pretty ritzy one it sounded), and she worked at a Sears. His English was better than her's. While at the country club, he met both Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. He said Jordan was a very cool guy, but Tiger was a dick. I found out that they had two sons, and were very proud to show me pictures and a US birth certificate from Chicago. We helped each other out a little with word pronounciations in our native language. He was now working in a safety position in the shipyards I think, and she was trying to get a job with an oil drilling company, but they really wanted someone with fluent English. He also said that their dog was "un semental", having knocked up three other neighberhood dogs. We continued talking and drinking...

I greatly appreciate their hospitality, as it gave me a different and better perspective on Mexico and Mexicans, and was a good time.

One of my flights was delayed so I missed the flight back to the US from Mexico City. The best the airlines could do was a direct flight the next morning. So being in the Mexico City airport, I didn't take much time to figure out that the city's metro had a stop at the airport. I jumped on and went to the Zocalo, which seemed the best choice if given only a couple hours. I thought is a good choice and had a great time. As a comparison, the metro was two pesos to ride, or about 0.15USD. New York City's subway is 2.25USD. The metro was good, except for the Hidalgo transfer on my way back: the cars were so packed that people's faces were pressed into the windows (luckily I was bigger than most everybody there).

Some massive mountains. These pictures were taken a little before and during the ok to use electronics annoucement on the flight out. I thought Mexico City was good looking from what I saw, being almost competely surrounded by huge mountains. Unfortunately, there was a "fog" much of the time so that the mountains could not be seen. The very high elevation of the city also gave a cool temperature in the high 70s in the middle of July.

A couple days after I returned to Orlando, I was sent back to Tuxpan. I got a few shots of the ride to the job site, and of Tuxpan. The job site ride pictures are early morning.

Notes: 1. In the area I was in, instead of traffic cops, there are many speed bumps.
2. Beer bottle labels are printed directly onto the bottle, no paper label.
3. Local bus fares seem up to the discretion of the driver.
4. The metro was good in Mexico City. Seemed safe to me, contrary to what I heard from locals.
5. The food was very good and cheap, all over. The tortillas are smaller and have a stronger corn taste than what you get in the US.
6. The girls are looking good, no doubt. Almost seemed like the smaller the town, the higher percentage of cuties.
7. The waitress or waiter will never bring you your check on their own. You must ask for it.
8. After this trip, I cannot see how anybody could have these strong views for closing the US borders.
9. There were many females doing jobs that only males would have in the US. The jobs would be considered too dirty or hot for any female to want to do them. The people of Mexico take the jobs that are available.