approximate route: hauling ass to the Mexican border at Eagle Pass TX or Pedras Blancas on the other side

Sunday 2010dec27 1222a
I slept well last night. I awoke to howling winds outside my window.

After waking-up formalities, I walked outside my room into the living room to look out the big window. No rain, awesome. I ate cereal, then Dad cooked some eggs which I ate too, while all the kids yelled and crawled on the floor, like loads of loud , but not unwanted, dogs. I went outside to unusual Florida cold and blistering winds out of the west, so that all of the trees, and especially all of scew limbs of the big oaks, were flailing wildly. Shit. I went over to the garage and unpacked all of the layers that I had packed on Christmas, the day before, a 70deg day, as I was going to desperately need them. I went back to the house and put on my outer riding pants layer as Nate and Lane watched, then grabbed what I needed and went back to the garage for the last time. Nearly everyone came over, including Lane holding Landon wrapped up in a blanket. I got dressed and everyone watched and Mom luckily came over because it would have been hard for me to go back over to the house to say goodbye. We hugged and said our loves and I almost pretty much started crying and she went back over to the house before I left. Andrea asked where my Brazilian wife was going to sit and Dad correctly replied that all other luggage would be removed to make room for her. Andrea took a photo then I left while still holding back and turned onto Indrio. The interstate brought thoughts like a hurricane, along with those eastward winds to match. 70mph was too much for the winds. I'd alternate laying the bike over into the wind to away from it to keep a straight course. A passing semi would suck me along to match his speed even with a closed throttle. Along with the cold, the wind made for a tiring ride. My thoughts wandering, but mainly centered, at least initially, with the sadness of leaving family. I will miss them all. I can't understand how McCandless did what he did, with his total abandonment. I also felt overwhelmed whith the brest of what I'm attempting. It has been done before, but the seriousness of the adventure is still something to be admired, and that is still sinking in. After all of the serious aspects of the trip set in, I still look forward to some of the things that first brought me to do this, the beaches, the mountains, the natural and the manmade amazing spectacles along the route, and the people conditioned to a life totally unlike my own (and maybe the pretty girls too).

After getting off I95, I went west on 40 out of Ormond Beach to Ocala, which meant a stiff headwind. With the headwind and cold temps, it was a bit of a lousy ride. I got into Ocala, where an office's sign annouced that it was 130p and 43degF. After zigzagging onto 27, which I was planning to take to Tally, I stopped at the BK before the interstate to try to warm up and get a gameplan. Google said that the current temp was 40degF and the next two days would be similar, but at least sunny. I called Allan back and he said that he was heading back down and invited me to stay with him. I also called Eric back then thought Allan's offer over over some black coffee. Quitting so early on the first day never feels good, but continuing in these condintions was dangerous. My feet hurt after getting off of the bike, just like the days on the Zanskar, and my right hand was worthless when I was trying to get my helmet's buckle off. Even with the layers that I had, this wasn't proper riding weather for me. I called Allan back and said that I was going to stay at his place and I'd wait for him at the B&N, where I cruised to after getting fuel and riding past my old apartment, and read the latest NatGeo mostly about population growth and the current 7B people in the world. The same article went into way too much detail on the vesectomy procedure. With perfect timing, Allan called as I was finishing up then went over to his house and waiting just a couple minutes before he got there. I also enjoy him and Carla immensely. He was ready to help me out with getting the correct pigtail on my heated jacket, and put much effort and thought into it, as his electronics experience has accostumed him to. Excellent. We watched Napolean for a little and ordered pizza and talked. We watched a subtitled movie about Iwo Jima from the Japanese perspective and Allan and I became big fans of it. We had about a 20min intermission during the battle, which started off with the differences between Americans and Japanese, but later rolled into the social issues of America. The expectation of government help and subsequent spiralling spending, the wars of questionable intentions, medical costs, elderly, etc... Allan also asked questions about me. Where did I expect to be in ten years? Why was I doing this? I really have no idea where I'll be in ten years. I would think that I'd have a house and a wife, but I see no reason to make -sacrifices- in happiness for either if it won't provide it. My simple reason, because that's all that there is, is because my current path wasn't making me happy and I had some spare money and had wanted to make this trip for a long time.

Tuesday 2010dec29 1219a
After talking again late with Allan, I woke a little late and put off leaving a little due to the cold. Hit the road after 10a and stopped at the Dunkin Donuts first for a quick light breakfast, the 75 north a bit to 27, and my day's journey had begun. The heated jacket works splendidly, the day simply wouldn't have happened without it. I stopped for a quick break maybe around Branford because my throttle arm was hurting. I think maybe because of the new posture. Some kids got out asking me about the bike. "Does it have powerbands?". "Yep," I replied. "That's the way I like it." Then the father or grandfather mentioned something about the cold, I couldn't understand everything, saying, "You'll be eating your frozen balls with your Cherios." Some weird, weird folks, that maybe weren't all there, or maybe just due to vastly different upbringing. The older guy was wearing full hunting camo, with inappropriate footwear and a unkept beard, while the two younger ones had jet black hair, as a borderline mullet. There were driving a Sebring, with two mud truck tires sticking out the open trunck, and the other two in the rear right passenger seat. I got a Zaxby's salad in Tally, then just rode to DeFuniak Springs for the night.

Friday 2010dec31 900p Seguin TX to Eagle Pass TX. I got a bit of a late start because I knew that I wasn't going to have too rough of a day. The new front desk girl was kinda cute too. After leaving the hotel, I went back over to the other side of the interstate to find a Walmart but was unsuccessful, so I just got back on I10W. I haven't been ecstatic about my jacket as it keeps riding up from the wind in the back, so I looked up a shop in San Antonio, so continued through San Antonio to the shop and also stopped at a Target for some tooth care stuff and a cable lock. The shop had one jacket that I did like, but all that they had was a 2xl, while I need an xl. The thing still felt good in the arms, tight but with room for layers, but the waist was pretty loose. I may and kinda do regret not getting it, but oh well. I didn't want to get pissed with another jacket, but it probably would have been better. Shit. I crossed back through San Antonio and caught 35 toward Laredo then split off onto US57 toward Eagle Pass. The road was a two lane, with fields as far as could be seen over slight rolling hilss. Many ranches along the routes, and sod farms and something else farms but they plants were kinda dead because it was winter. I should have stopped along the route for a picture, but only took one when I stopped for a break. I did some distance tests and the DR went ~110mi before reserve and went ~128mi on reserve and was still running.

I'm feeling a little weird. I'm nervous for the border crossing and how that will all go. I think it'll be uneventful, but I'm still nervous, maybe for the better. I'm not bouncing off the walls over my trip, with excitement, but I certainly am having fun. Tomorrow should start something...

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