I have done what I have desired to do for a couple years now. I am starting my South America ride by motorcycle. As of the above date, I'm in Florida's panhandle, after a slight hold up due to freezing weather, on my way to the border. I'll likely make a post on advrider.com after the border crossing, and put a link here.

click here for picsAll of my pics are being backed up on Picassa. Explore around there, there are more than just the linked album. I started a post on advrider to give more details, but I felt that it was more time consuming than I was willing to spend.

Despite thinking that the forum post was too time consuming, I have been tracking my trip with private journal entries. I've thought about posting some of them recently and have decided to. I'll begin posting them below...


I've returned home to Florida and will put up some entries now from my past trip, but certainly not all of them, along with pictures. I'm not sure how long this process will take or if I actually will cover the entire time period, but I will begin the process anew...


later on...
These pages do not include all notes and are mostly unedited otherwise.

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