Snowshoe2009mar5-8 I left after work on a Thursday and met my brother in Jax. From there, we headed north to meet Nick at his house in Virginia. At about 3a, we got to Nick's and then immediately left after packing up to head to Snowshoe. After many hours of backroad two lane and checking in, we were ready to start snowboarding. As it was my first time snowboarding, the first day was not much fun and was very painful. On the second day, even though I could hardly get out of bed, much less walk, I thought that I should practice more. It turned out to be a very good day, with zero major or painful wrecks, and the ability to easily do heelside or toeside turns down the mountain. I focused on keeping my speed low so that if I did wreck, it wouldn't be too painful, and I was pretty successful on that second day. The second day really lifted my spirits and I'm already pretty antzy for next season. We left in the early afternoon on Saturday to drive back to Virginia for the night then back to Florida the next day.