2007AUG10-16 My Dad, brother, and I decided to go for our yearly summer motorcycle ride up to the Northeast, and while there, visit some relatives in Westminster MD and Lock Haven PA. This trip was a little over 3500 miles. By writing this page, I've realized that we departed on the same day the previous year for the Glacier trip.

This was taken on the 11th, probably in Virginia.

The view from my dad's aunt and uncle's home in Westminster. The scenery was very attrative there, as it was dominated by rolling hills and nice old homes and farmland.

My dad's two childhood homes while growing up in Westminster.

Kinda pathetic, but while going through Gettysburg PA, the area of the turning point of the American Civil War, we only stopped for a short time at the Military Park. We did look around at all the markers, but a second trip would be worthwhile.

Here's the beautiful view of the Susquehanna River from my Mom's cousins' property in Lock Haven PA. That property has been with at least four generations that I know of. The property used to have a cabin on it, but all habitable structures were required to be demolished a while ago due to the frequent flooding of the river (don't know all the details).

While there, we got to see all of the old relatives up there, including Tommy's two kids that I hadn't yet seen. Tom also brought over his friend Jackie, Central Mountain's #1 Fan. He was a funny guy and great to talk with, and was threatening to come down to Florida. Jackie: "Jesus Christ, I could have eaten two or three more!" and "Man, The Texas [a famous Lock Haven restaurant] sure does make a good meal!".

Tommy and my Dad just before leaving Lock Haven after eating breakfast at The Second Cup.

A nice scene, I think off of either 92 in West Virginia or 220 in Virginia. We also saw some massive wind turbines near that same stretch of road. The size is very impressive up close, and I might even dare to say nice to look at.

The view from the little pull over that we always seem to use off of the Cherohala Skyway. I think that this day was the first bbq that we got over the trip (poor planning?), though it wasn't the last.