The Northeast 2010OCT

Not much going on here but long shifts of work. I did have fun riding the subway around and did have one particular night of note in which there was no work. I started by riding the subway and going to Harvard Square, but rain was falling, just lightly, so I cut it short after eating and went back to Sullivan Square to stop in at The Tavern at the End of the World on the walk back to the hotel. Some loud drunk woman was in there going on about her engagement being broken off, and got on the bad side of the strongly Irish bartender when she ordered a bunch of drinks for other people then didn't expect to pay for them. The bartender was ready to through her out later in the night by saying, "You'd be best to get out of here!" when her ride showed up just in time. I started talking with the folks I was sitting next to, who got the urge to head to the IHOP in Harvard Square, so I rode with them. One guy was fine to drive. The oldest and drunkest switched the plan to Charlie's after we got to the square, after talking up IHOP for the better part of an hour. Haha. He was pretty well done in, getting real stressed out when he had to figure out the tip, and samely relieved when it was done. We cruised a little around Fenway and Boston College after leaving, then headed back to Somersville. A fun, adventurous night.

New York City
I was able to get there twice; once on a weekend in between jobs, and again after finishing work.

I headed out in the morning. A good thing to, because I had to work again that nightshift. Leaving was sad.

Today was again sucky leaving, after sitting in front of the Flatiron Building drinking coffee watching people.