2009SEP18 Time for another motorcycle trip to the mountains. We had always failed to get much farther north than Boone NC, so this time we decided that we'd take interstate about as far north as we wanted to go and just slowly work our way south, along the mountains. We rode up I95 to I26, and stopped for the night before Columbia SC.

2009SEP19 Us in the morning, I think in the Waffle House parking lot on US301, sampling the local delicacies.

Our lunch stop, getting started early with the BBQ. I don't really remember where this was, but probably still in SC. A cool name either way.

We switched over to I77 in Columbia and rode that all the way to Beckley WV for the night.

2009SEP20 Beckley put us in easy reach of US19 and the New River Gorge Bridge.

We took the little one way road to the bottom of the gorge and the old bridge. It had a bunch of hairpins and overhanging rock ledges that almost extended over the road. We continued on US19N afterwards and got off at 82 and headed east. We went through a bunch of intersections while just riding and ended up much further north than I originally thought. We ended up at 50, and took it east then 219 and 220 south and stayed in Monterey VA for the cold night. We had a couple good sections of road over the day

2009SEP21 The day started out pretty well. A little chilly, but good roads, especially 39W out of Warm Springs, and nice scenery. Then everything went to shit. Rain. For the entire day, 10+ hours of riding. Our uneducated guess was that we should start heading south to get out of it. We made Asheville still covered in rain and found out that Atlanta was completely under water. I've had better riding days.

2009SEP22 The forecasters were predicting more rain, and we were considering just heading home, but thankfully we awoke to bright, blue skys, and so couldn't resist staying on the road a little longer. First stop was for new tires for my bike, then the Parkway to 74W, to the Mecca of motorcycling on the East Coast, Deal's Gap. I'm thinking that every government official that got that road built was a motorcyclist, there is really no other good reason for it, but it's awesome fun. Nate and I did a there and back on it, then we all rode the Cherohala Skyway, another motorcycling wonder. We hit 68 in Tellico Plains, then south, then the 294 shortcut to 74 and dinner at the BBQ place in Murphy.

2009SEP23 We decided that we'd start heading home, but not really by a direct route. We'd retrace our steps west on 74, north on 68 through Ducktown and Turtletown, then hit the Cherohala Skyway again.

We had lunch at the Jarrett House and made Jax at about 1100p during the night.