Mill move from Fort Pierce to Orlando 2007jan27

We weren't real sure at the beginning how to rig the hoist to the mill, so we pushed the hoist up to the mill and took a look. This is what we came up with.

Now we've got the mill outside the garage. Fortunately, the hoist was able to lift the mill high enough so that the trailer could be backed up under the mill and no real fancy rigging had to be done. The picture is pretty scary to me.

Here's the mill on the trailer and in position. After the trailer was backed up underneath the trailer, the mill was set down on the rear edge and the hoist was put on top of the trailer and the mill was relifted. A come-along was used to move the mill and hoist forward, as the hoist wheels didn't roll very easily on the wood.

Here's the rig at the drop off location.

Here's the Power Wagon.

This is all you need to know.