From my New Years ride, I wanted to ride more of the Natchez Trace, which snakes from a little outside Nashville TN to Natchez MS. I started the ride on the morning of the second, headed to Nashville. Just a slog down the interstate, but I even enjoy that a little. Very heavy traffic around Atlanta. I made Nashville the first day and got a hotel and went to the next door movie theater and watched that Las Vegas bachelor party movie. Funny.

The next morning, I rode a few miles down 100 and caught the beginning of the Natchez Trace. There were many cyclists on the road, probably outnumbering powered travel at least 20 to 1. The surprising thing to me was that their was no large, organized group, it was just a bunch of people riding solo or in small groups. The road was fun around Nashville, a little curvy, plus the temperature was still very good in the area. The road started to flatten out and the heat built up afterwards. The road mainly just cut through small rural towns, except for maybe Tupelo and Jackson MS, which is where I decided to get off of the Trace. I kinda wanted to end up in New Orleans again for a restaurant that my Dad told me about where he used to eat shrimp poboys and drink a nickel or dime Roman cokes during his college days. I took I55 from Jackson all the way to New Orleans, but there was a huge music concert in town so all the hotels were packed, so I moved on to Slidell and got a room. The temperature was still 88degF at 10p and 3000% humidity.

More interstate home. I don't know why, but I enjoy riding through Mobile. I went a little to the coast in the panhandle for a seafood lunch, and the weather also seemed to cool a little in the rooling hills of the panhandle.