Houston2008oct13-nov14 I visited Houston for about a month for work again. I had a good time looking around a new place. I'd say the city has good food going for it.
A bunch of refineries around Deer Park in a very industrial area.

We went out to Galveston also, which still had a bunch of damage from the hurricane. Boats were still piled up along I45. My rental was an awd Sabaru, so we had a little fun in the sand too.

Not sure what this was, but it's funny.

I found that the Houston Half Marathon was happening on an open Sunday, so I signed up a few days before. I got a few pictures of the downtown area too. The Main Street stretch was pretty active at night.

Later that same day, I cruised out to Ellington Field for the airshow. I enjoyed most looking at the planes up close, but the aerobatics and Thunderbirds were also very good.

I went back to Galveston for a quick look around and for a drive down the heavily damaged 3005.