2008AUG23 Cumming GA
I drove up a little north of Atlanta to meet my brother and Cody Friday after work, for Cody's wedding the following day. I hadn't seen Cody in at least five years, so the three of us just spent the night sitting around talking and drinking beer, which is something I'll never complain about doing. We did the same thing the next day before the wedding.

The ceremony was good with the rain stopping at exactly the perfect time, weird the way that timing works out. The party was fun too, and I found some good people to talk with, Adam (on-the-rocks-guy), Eric, Jaime, and Chri..(dang, I can't get your name (beer?), and I'm usually good with names and should be even better with pretty girl's names).

Seeing Cody and his sister and parents and their lives also opened my mind a little to a future living situation. I've had a hard time imagining myself outside of Florida, but seeing them, previous neighbors in Fort Pierce, living happily outside of Florida, has opened me up to maybe try out another state sometime. I think my hesitation revolves around being close to the ocean, though if an oportunity in another country presented itself, I have always thought that I'd probably do it.